Audio / Video Ministry


At the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, high quality audio, video, power-point and live-streaming are all integral aspects of our services, classes, and events.

Multi-media is now a commonplace experience everywhere, including in spiritual community, and as with any tech area we are always on the lookout for better technology, equipment,  methodology, and sharp, tech-oriented people interested in being part of the tech team. Some training is available, and we are also open to learning new and better ways of doing what we do.

If you are a tech-oriented person and have time, talent and/or tech goodies to contribute to our community, please contact Andy Robbins at

MP3 Library of Weekly Talks



At Oakland Center for Spiritual Living we’re very pleased to be able to live-stream our Sunday services. We feel very fortunate to be able to do so, and recently upgraded our carrier, bringing us up to speed, literally, in order to more efficiently and effectively share what we do here with Bay area people who are unable to attend in person and also with people across the country and around the world.



We use Powerpoint regularly here at the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living. For Sunday services, we use powerpoint for announcements, song lyrics, affirmations and other readings of various and assorted kinds.

For classes, other services and events, powerpoint support is often requested or required. There are always slides to be created, looks to be crafted and people to interface with along the way. If powerpoint is your thing and you have some time to give, we would love to talk with you! Contact Sam Diaz, administrative coordinator at



Occasionally we find ourselves needing to bring someone with professional lighting skills into the conversation, usually for special events. It is our intention to expand this aspect of our community in the foreseeable future so we will be seeking people with lighting expertise and a willingness to gift us with time and talent.

And like any other technical / staging consideration, we’re always looking for ways to improve what we do and how to do it. If you’re a lighting pro, we can probably find a thing or two for you to help us out with. Please contact Andy Robbins at

General Tech Support

In order for the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living to offer current, real-world spiritual tools to the community,  it is critical that we stay current with our technologies. If general tech support is your forte’ and you have a few hours a month to support your spiritual community, please let us know.

We love our geeks!