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I have learned over the years to listen to my intuition and act on that small voice within every day of my life. My intuition is always right. I have learned to use my intuition in my work that I do as a Relationship Muse helping men and women to find their resolve within themselves, build better relationships with friends or in finding a mate. I feel everything I do from Women’s Groups, workshops, or online classes are all ways to do service in the world.

Every day I meditate and journal and I have been doing this for over 20 years. This is a very important part of my spiritual practice. It feels like when I don’t do this my day doesn’t seem as bright as when I do meditate and do my work in the morning.

At the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living I have been greeting and ushering people for many years and it has been great service and privilege for me. I have gotten to know people at deeper levels and I have noticed that a hug, smile or touch might just be what that person needed for that day. I enjoy people and being a natural helper I love to see people be at their very best. I also love to do things anonymously and every day I try and do random acts of kindness for someone that is the most joyful for me.  It is a joy to serve and it has given me a deeper sense of loving others and as we deepen ourselves others deepen around you. It is magic!

Taking classes at the Center, reading books, praying for others, doing service at the Center are all forms of personal responsibility. When I am open and willing then I can change the habits that I want to change and have the life I really want to have. I can live life “full out” instead of only existing. And so can you.

I am also involved in the Compassionate Care Group and I love being a part of that group. We call people who are sick and who need prayer and I use my intuition to feel if they just need to talk, or they want a prayer or a visit. This has made me realize how important it is to have a community like the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful place to be together with kindness and love one another.

It is so important to not just talk your talk, but walk your walk. You can tell who does, because those people just “shine” in their lives and people are magnetized to them.

*Barbara Gordon Kaleva has been a member of the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living for over 15 years.