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You will choose whether what has been is good enough.
Or, you will choose something more.

It’s all new before us, if we choose it. If we’re willing to risk.

Risk challenging what you think you know,
what you think you can or cannot do.
Risk opening to new ideas, new perspectives, new possibilities.
Risk greater kindness, patience, tolerance, understanding.
Risk being authentic, vulnerable, open-hearted, gentler.
Risk doing something that doesn’t make any sense,
but calls to you anyway.
Risk listening to your heart and soul,
and following where they lead.
Risk being fearless, even reckless.
Risk saying I’m sorry, and, I don’t know.
Risk loving, again, too much.
Risk saying yes, I AM what I AM, and I’m ok with that.
Risk being what you are here to be.

I wish for you exquisite risk, filled with the fullness and the richness of life lived big.
It’s worth the risk.

Jeff Anderson 12/31/2012